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Press Release - Alderney Ambulance Service Resilience Arrangements - 12th January 2022

Press Release

Date: 12th January 2022

Issued 14:25

Alderney Ambulance Service Resilience Arrangements

The States of Alderney would like to express their sincere thanks to the continued dedication and tireless effort put in by staff and volunteers in providing the island with an Ambulance Service, especially during the recent Omicron wave of Covid-19 cases on the island which has placed an additional burden on all services.

Like many essential services on the island, the Ambulance service relies on a few dedicated individuals to ensure it continues to provide this function. Whilst not ideal, it is recognised that this is part of living on a small island.

The States would like to reassure members of the public that there are robust plans in place to ensure sufficient resilience to continue this critical service should any key individual no longer be available to fulfil their role.

The States have been pursuing a number of avenues to develop the ambulance service and are progressing the recommendations set out in the review of the States of Alderney Ambulance Service undertaken by the UK's Association of Ambulance Chief Executives. The States of Alderney General Services Committee is due to meet in mid-January to endorse these proposals and further details will be provided at that point.

Boyd Kelly, Chair of General Services Committee explained: "The States of Alderney has been working closely with both the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives and St John Ambulance Guernsey who have provided invaluable support and advice to the island to ensure we have suitable robust resilience arrangements in place for our Ambulance Service. To this end a number of qualified professionals have been identified who would support the island in provision of the ambulance service if required".