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Press Release - Ian Carter elected Chairman of Policy & Finance - 22.06.2022

Press Release

Date: 22nd June 2022

Issued at: 10:55

Ian Carter elected Chairman of Policy & Finance

Ian Carter has been named as Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee following the resignation of Bill Abel due to ill-health.

The former Grammar School headmaster and school inspector was elected unopposed to the senior chairmanship at the full States of Alderney meeting on June 21.

"There are immense challenges ahead," he said, listing the Island economy, transport connectivity, the cost-of-living crisis, housing provision and effective healthcare among key priorities.

"The key to success is prioritisation and a laser-sharp focus on achieving two or three goals well rather than taking a scatter gun approach to the myriad of issues and not achieving anything tangible," he said.

"I hope my colleagues will see a collegiate approach that focuses on achievement and a responsibility for results which we can only achieve through the efforts of the Civil Service in developing those ideas and policies into real outcomes to make life better and further strengthen the Alderney community in what is an ever more complicated world."

He paid tribute to outgoing Chairman Mr Abel with whom he has worked closely over the past 18 months as Deputy Chairman. "All members are elected to this assembly have equal status and the role of any Committee Chair is one that is undertaken with no explicit link defined that confers any accountability for the administration's delivery of services or its performance. However, Chairs do recognise the general expectation in the eyes of the community and therefore take on an honourable, not explicit, accountability by virtue of their role. A role Mr Abel took on with drive, integrity and a determination to get things done which I want to formally thank him for."

States of Alderney President William Tate added his tribute to Mr Abel's commitment to the Island and "a work ethic I have rarely seen the like of".