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Press Release - Alderney's plan to counter Bird Flu - 23.06.2022

Press Release

Date: 23rd June 2022

Issued at: 16:15


Alderney's plan to counter Bird Flu

As a result of the continuing Avian Influenza outbreak in the UK and Northern France, the States of Alderney's General Services Committee convened a meeting with experts to develop a response strategy.

This outbreak may pose a major threat to Alderney's internationally significant seabird colonies. Although there is no current evidence of Avian Influenza on Alderney, the public are asked to remain vigilant.

Any dead waterfowl or seabird, or five-or-more of another bird species found dead together, should be reported to the States Public Works department on 822408. If appropriate, the dead bird will then have samples taken for testing for the bird flu virus. The bird would then be safely bagged and removed by trained operatives for disposal.

The risk of humans catching the infection is low but not negligible. As such, to minimise the risk of infection spreading, please do not touch any dead or injured birds and ensure dogs do not approach them.

The public is also advised not to visit offshore islets to reduce the risk of spreading the infection to seabirds. Protocols for organisations performing ornithological work on islets are being prepared to ensure biosecurity.

The States of Alderney is closely monitoring the situation as it develops in France and the UK and further advice will follow should the situation change.