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Press Release - Alderney residents see airport runway condition for themselves - 27.07.2022

Date: 27th July 2022


Issued at 12:30 hours

Alderney residents see airport runway condition for themselves


More than 100 Islanders were shown around Alderney's Airport on Tuesday (July 26th) where they could see for themselves the scope and urgency of the work needed to bring it up to date.

Organised by Guernsey Ports and the States of Alderney, the main purpose was to show the latest runway repairs carried out this month by UK contractors Amco Giffin but also to respond to questions about the proposed extended runway options.

Representatives from Guernsey Ports and Public Service Obligation operator Aurigny were on hand to discuss the various runway options with residents.

The States of Alderney believes safeguarding Alderney's lifeline transport links by extending the runway is an essential component of the Island Plan approved earlier this year, while the Island's Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored light refreshments at the community event, is also fully supportive of the extension option together with redevelopment of the terminal and fire station (known as Option C+).

The Island Plan's overall vision is to ensure that the Island maximises prosperity and resilience, thus becoming a more sustainable Island with excellent accessibility and digital connectivity, with a vibrant economy and a happy, healthy community.

"Future-proofing the airport with a longer runway to the benefit of the Island and the Bailiwick is a crucial part of this plan," said Ian Carter, Chair of the Policy & Finance Committee. "However, it is not about the type of aircraft that will be able to use the airport, it is about the type of community we want to be and the type of community we can be.

"Our vision is for a community which also values and protects its unique heritage and natural environment as an autonomous member of the Crown Dependencies but with a focus on our excellent relationship with Guernsey where we want to play our part in the success of the Bailiwick.

"Excellent transport links are vital in enabling this vision, so having the infrastructure of the extended runway and improved airport would enable the vision to be achieved as it gives flexibility and greater attractiveness for a future where aviation is key but its form is not defined."

Earlier, Guernsey Ports MD Colin le Ray told QuayFM listeners that the STSB wants to bring the proposals forward to the States of Guernsey "as soon as possible" and a policy letter was expected this Autumn.