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Press Release - Evolving role for Economic Development Committee - 27.07.2022

Date: July 27th 2021

Issued at 11:40


Evolving role for Economic Development Committee


In a move designed to promote Alderney's business expansion and tourism, the Economic Development Sub-Committee (EDC) is set to be elevated to full committee status with budgetary and ordinance responsibilities.

Subject to approval by the full States of Alderney in September, the decision by the Policy & Finance Committee (P&F) this week will enable EDC to play a leading role in seeing through key decisions outlined in the Island Plan published earlier this year.

EDC will evolve from a sub-committee of P&F and following extensive redefining of committee mandates by the Civil Service in liaison with the law officers it will have powers to develop an economic plan, initiate new projects and generate increased support for the Island's tourism industry.

It is proposed that its mandate will include securing the provision of air and sea transport links, stimulating inward investment, developing the capacity and range of labour skills necessary to sustain economic prosperity, and encouraging competition, innovation, diversification and appropriate regulation in the economy.

The current sub-committee consists of Members Annie Burgess (Chair), Christian Harris, Ian Carter, Alex Snowdon and Steve Roberts with dedicated Civil Service support and the power to involve non-voting specialists and experts from the community.

"We now have a superb opportunity to dovetail with the Island Plan as well as Guernsey's Government Work Plan to create a dynamic economic 'road map' for a prosperous future," said Ms Burgess.