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Press Release - Fire Service Training Response

Island Volunteers applauded by the States of Alderney

Alderney's volunteer firefighters have recently completed a Rope Rescue course and dealt with a gorse fire near Fort Tourgis.

For that, the Fire Brigade along with two other volunteer groups have received a vote of thanks from the States of Alderney's Policy & Finance Committee (P&F).

The firefighters took part in a five-day Rope Rescue and Fall Protection Equipment Inspector training course delivered by Rob Tortoishell of Specialist Access and Rescue Products Ltd (UK).

Covering the rope rescue techniques essential on Alderney with its dangerous cliff faces, they covered knots, rigging and rescue methods including stretcher rescues. The course saw them at work on the rock faces adjacent to the Lighthouse and at Telegraph Bay.

Fall Protection Equipment Inspector training enables the crew to qualify as competent persons with the skills required to undertake such inspections, record the results and undertake any actions required for the maintenance and serviceability of the equipment.

Last week, Alderney Fire Brigade was called to reports of smoke and smouldering at the site of an earlier fire behind Fort Tourgis, which they had previously extinguished in a nine-hour operation.

On arrival crews found an area of gorse had re-ignited. They deployed one 'attack line' to extinguish the fire and remained at the site for just over one hour to continue dampening the area.

Crews have been visiting the site daily since the original fire and dampening the area as it is known this type of fire can burn underground for days before reigniting on the surface.

As well thanking the firefighting volunteers P&F also expressed thanks to the Alderney Society and the Alderney Wildlife Trust for their work in clearing Fort Tourgis of some of the covering of ivy.

Boyd Kelly, Chairman of the General Services Committee, proposed the vote of thanks at P&F, which was unanimously agreed, for the Brigade's swift response to the fire, undertaking the training course and to the volunteers who had helped to clear Fort Tourgis.