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Statement - Fort Tourgis and Move Development - 22.11.22

Date: 22nd November 2022
Issued at 1445 hrs

Fort Tourgis and Move Development.

After extended discussions over a number of years, it was evident through recent consideration by the Policy and Finance Committee that there wasn't an appetite to keep the Fort Tourgis project on the current States agenda.

An update paper dated April 2021 indicated that following consideration of key issues, the Policy and Finance Committee would need to resolve whether it wished in principle to proceed further with the project.

The project required financial guarantees and contributions from the States of Alderney and States of Guernsey as well as assurances on enhanced air connectivity.

The Committee's decision was not to proceed. The States has a duty to demonstrate that it is acting in the best interests of the local taxpayer in financial and commercial matters. It is difficult to do this when the market was tested so long ago.

However, the States of Alderney may wish to consider its options again in the future, in which case it would test the market afresh.