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  • Press Release - Third United Kingdom Overseas Territories (UKOT) & Crown Dependencies (CD) Environment Ministerial Council Meeting, Isle of Man, February 2018

    Monday 12 February 2018

    For immediate release: 12th February 2018

    The third Environment Ministerial Council Meeting was held in the Isle of Man, Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th February.  The previous 2017 meeting had been held in Alderney.

    Alderney was represented by the Chairman of Policy and Finance, James Dent, and Strategic Adviser, Paul Veron.  Paul Veron was also supporting the States of Guernsey who were without political representation.

    As part of a wide-ranging agenda, the leaders discussed: (i) the challenges they face as a consequence of the UK's departure from the European Union; (ii) the synergies and links between their economies and their environments; (iii) the need for strong economies in order to be able to undertake conservation work; and (iv) how they might help each other in regard to both environmental protection and economic development.

    In their concluding statement the participants noted: (i) that the smaller UKOTs and CDs require clear lines of access to UK Government institutions and additional attention, as they have few institutional resources of their own; and (ii) the difficulties that the smaller UKOTs and CDs had with developing and enforcing appropriate environmental policies - they typically have few civil service resources of their own - they also have little access to external resources. It was suggested that a common pool of resources might be made available.

    On the second day, UK Undersecretary of State for the Environment, Therese Coffey, joined the meeting by Skype.  She made a presentation and confirmed the UK Government's support for the meeting's objectives.

    List of Ministers and other lead representatives participating:

    • Hon. Geoffrey Boot MHK, Isle of Man
    • Hon. Prof John Cort├ęs, Gibraltar
    • Mr James Dent, States of Alderney
    • Mr Paul Veron, Guernsey
    • Deputy Steven Luce, Jersey
    • Dr Richard Axton, Sark
    • Hon. Walton Brown, JP, MP, Bermuda
    • MLA Teslyn Barkman, Falkland Islands
    • Hon. David Osborne, Montserrat
    • Councillor Michelle Christian, Pitcairn
    • Councillor Russell Yon, St Helena
    • Hon. Ralph Higgs, Turks & Caicos Islands
    • Councillor James Glass, Tristan da Cunha

    UKOT/CD Attendees 2018


    Contact: 01481 820010

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  • Press Release - Death of Laurie Morgan

    Friday 19 January 2018

    Press Release announcing the death of former Guernsey Deputy and Chief Minister, Laurie Morgan

    States of Alderney - Press Release

    Friday 18th January 2018


    Death of former Guernsey Deputy and Chief Minister, Laurie Morgan


    I regret to announce that I have today learned of the death yesterday of Laurie Morgan.

    Laurie was a highly respected former Guernsey politician who, among his many roles, served as that Island's Chief Minister. He was a true friend of Alderney, ably assisted by his wife Wendy who served as a States Member in both Alderney and Guernsey.

    On behalf of the States of Alderney, I wish to express our deepest condolences to Wendy and the family and to record our heartfelt appreciation for the time and effort Laurie invested in our Island.


    Ian Tugby, Vice President


    Note:   The President is currently off the island and the President's office is now closed. If you have any queries please contact the Chief Executive's office on 01481 822816.