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  • Limited Parking - Airport - 19th Sept 2017

    Tuesday 19 September 2017

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  • Press Release - Governance Review

    Monday 04 September 2017

    For immediate release: 4th September 2017

    The States is undertaking a consultation exercise to seek views from residents about how the island is governed.

    Earlier this year, the Policy and Finance Committee set up a small Governance Committee to reflect on current experiences and recent reviews of our government that have been carried out by third parties.

    The Committee recognise that there is scope for improvement, and a small number of changes to existing structures and processes are being proposed that will help to:

    •  Streamline decision making processes;
    •  Improve political challenge and debate;
    •  Identify clear priorities so that we focus most of our effort in those areas;
    •  Add stability to the political structures, including our links with Guernsey; and
    •  Enhance openness and transparency of States work.

    The Governance Committee believes that these proposals would lead to important changes and can be implemented quickly with limited external support.

    Before going ahead with any changes, we would like to collect views from as many residents as possible so that this feedback directly influences our future decisions.

    Each household will shortly receive a consultation document which provides the opportunity to respond to a series of direct questions as well as feeding back your views on the specific issues. There is also an opportunity to add general comments about improvements to the way the island is governed.

    We are asking for feedback by the end of September 2017 to enable analysis and discussions with a view to implementing change by January 2018.


    Contact: 01481 822816; email: