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  • Court of Alderney Office Arrangement

    Thursday 26 March 2020

    Updated: 26th March 2020

    The Court of Alderney is continuing to review services available during the current climate.

    The Court office is now closed to the public and the staff may be working remotely. All enquiries should be made by email to This email address is monitored and we will respond to you as soon as we are able. There may be a delay in answering and or responding to telephone call however our emails are monitored so please wherever possible use the email address.



    Scheduled Civil Court on 2nd April 2020 at 2:30 has been adjourned.

    Small claims matters (financial claims less than £I0,000): Any new small claims hearings will be adjourned to a date after May (subject to review).

    For any existing claims either summonsed or awaiting a further hearing, the parties will be contacted and the matters adjourned to a later date.

    Service and enforcement: Service and Enforcement will be limited and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    Other matters: All other matters may be commenced, but please note that any non-urgent matters may not be listed for the coming months. Any existing matters will be heard subject to the Court's discretion, or otherwise adjourned. The parties will be notified on a case by case basis.


    Birth Marriages and Deaths

    Birth registration will be accepted through an agreed process with the Loveridge Ward in Guernsey. Should you have an on Island birth please email and we will provide you with the necessary registration forms. Births must still be registered within 30 days of the date of birth.

    Death registrations will be handled by the undertaker with whom we have agreed processes.

    The Registrar is currently unable to offer a marriage service. As soon as we are able to provide this service again a further notice will be issued. In the interim we are happy to take enquiries and assist where possible.


    Land and Company Registry

    Please make all enquiries to Including lodging of documents and applications to meet any statutory requirement. There may be a delay in replying to you but we will respond as soon as we are able.







  • Press Release - April States Meeting 25.03.2020

    Wednesday 25 March 2020

    For immediate release: 25th March 2020

    April States Meeting

    Given the situation we currently find ourselves in, and in the absence of any submissions for inclusion on the Billet, there will be no States Meeting in April.

    We are currently considering how to make provision for future Meetings, to take into account the present circumstances.

    Should an urgent need arise, a Meeting can be convened at short notice.

    Flexibility is extremely important at this challenging time.